How Brand Endorsements Influence Consumer Perception and Boost Sales

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Aug 16, 2023 10:29:14 AM

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The people who use your products are your greatest asset. They talk to others about your product; this word-of-mouth connection can build or break your brand. In today’s dynamic business landscape, the connection between celebrity influence and heightened sales is a growing area of brand development. When your business chooses the right brand partner, this relationship can shape your brand image and cultivate consumer trust. How can your business use strategic brand endorsements to increase your reach and build a strong and credible image?

Unpacking the Influence of Brand Endorsements

Since the 1930s, when Babe Ruth recommended Red Rock Cola, people have listened to the product preferences of well-known and respected people. When an adored celebrity mentions your brand in a positive light, it can give your brand a huge boost in sales. More than half of Americans state that they think about products more favorably when a celebrity recommends them. Brand endorsements bring consumer psychology into your CPG marketing strategy.

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The Connection Between Celebrity Influence and Consumer Trust

How do celebrity brand endorsements use consumer psychology to build consumer trust?

  • Celebrities are known and trusted. While people might not know celebrities personally, they can feel like friends because they are so familiar. When a friend recommends a product, you listen. Because they are so well-known, celebrities are “friends” to millions, giving them an extensive and influential social network.
  • Not only are celebrities well-known, but their opinions have power. Audiences tend to place them on a pedestal, giving their views a lot of weight. It doesn’t matter if the celebrity is well-versed in that product area - the power of their opinion can encourage people to buy a specific product.

Boosting Sales with the Right Endorsements

You’ve carefully crafted a brand image over the years, and your endorsements should reinforce and build on that image. A healthy food brand might choose a celebrity partner known to embrace a lifestyle focused on whole foods and physical fitness.

When you consider how to boost sales with celebrity endorsements, consider the following:

  • Who does your current market trust? Who is poised in the right place to build CPG consumer perception of your brand?
  • How can a celebrity expand your brand’s audience into new demographics who need that endorsement to notice and purchase your brand?

As you choose the right brand endorsements, consider what certain celebrities mean to your market. A celebrity might be a traditional music or movie star, but they might also be knowledgeable people in the industry or well-known online influencers.

Crafting a Marketing Strategy with Effective Endorsements

How should brand endorsements fit into your marketing strategy?

  • First, consider your overall brand image. What is the CPG consumer perception of your brand, and how will the endorsement build on this?
  • What celebrities are poised to communicate the value of your brand, and who might be willing to do so?
  • Placing your brand image in the hands of someone outside your company is always risky since you cannot control how they act. How committed will the celebrity be to your brand image? Do they typically engage in behavior that contradicts that image?
  • What platforms does the celebrity use regularly? Is your desired audience active on those platforms?
  • What is your budget for brand endorsements?

Whether you love seeking out brand endorsements or you find it challenging, they do have an impact on sales. By choosing celebrities who act in a way that is aligned with your corporate values and brand image, you can use these endorsements as part of a larger marketing strategy. The right connection can lead to a lasting, positive relationship with a celebrity and an enhanced commitment from your market. 

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