We ensure that a relevant message hits the shopper at the point of decision along the path to purchase. Since both the brand’s shopper and the retailer’s customers define the target shopper, this is where Hangar12 can help you and the retailer work to find the common areas within each other’s marketing mix. Then we create shopper marketing plans based on this common area. The result is your brand's products are differentiated from its competition in the retail store AND the retailer is able to use your brand’s products to differentiate his retail store from all the other stores competing for his customers.

Hangar12’s understanding of how your target consumers behave as shoppers (in different channels and retailers) and leveraging this intelligence is how we create success for your brand. To deliver on our customized in-store experiences that meet shopper preferences, we use a combination of the following tactics:

  • Product / store displays
  • Promotional packaging
  • Shelf signage
  • Floor graphics
  • Recipe / coupon machines
  • In-store advertising
  • Loyalty cards
  • Store circulars
  • Retailer app / website
  • Shopping cart ads
  • Sampling
  • Custom retailer programs