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We have experience working with companies in a wide range of consumer packaged goods, including food & beverage, snacks, candy, home & office, retail and more. Above are many leading brands that we have partnered with.

Featured Case Study:
Make Snacking Incredible

We partnered our client's brand (Frigo® Cheese Heads®) with Disney/Pixar to generate buzz for the long-awaited Incredibles 2 movie and create an opportunity for Frigo® to be the family hero and "Make Back to School Snacking Incredible."

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Social Media Video: Educating consumers with cooking tips from Food Network chef Emily Ellyn and Frigo® cooking cheeses


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Featured Case Study:
Tackle The Morning Rush

We recruited ESPN to help drive sales of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches at convenient stores.

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Featured Case Study:
Build A Bright Future

We drove brand awareness of Frigo® Cheese Heads® by reaching moms & kids with an education-based program to award schools for needed academic projects.

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