Hunt’s brings order to a confusing proposition

Shoppers don’t have time to scan look-alike, same-sized packaging with barely or poorly differentiated contents. We helped Hunt’s find a way to re-organize the aisle, making it more “shopable.”

The Challenge

Make the aisle easier to navigate and provide some inspiration to spur unplanned purchases. Canned tomato products are stacked on shelves in numerous rows—making the shopping experience inconvenient, irritating and difficult for consumers. The brand that cracks the code and makes it a more pleasant experience can win at retail.

The Solution

We incorporated eye-tracking and shop-along insights to organize the aisle by type—instead of brand. These insights also enabled the development of navigational shopper communication—shelf headers, directional signage, usage suggestions and taste appeal imagery, which speeds up the shopping trip by eliminating a known shopper pain point.