Brands all over the world have discovered the ways that social media can contribute to success and growth. At Hangar12, we help brands take advantage of social media by increasing brand exposure and broadening consumer reach. Our goal is to create compelling content that users will share with their social networks. 

In today's digital landscape, having a social presence on emerging platforms like TikTok is crucial for brands looking to stay relevant and connect with younger audiences. Here's why:

1. Access to a Massive and Engaged Audience

2. Authenticity and Creativity

3. Trendsetting and Cultural Relevance

4. Opportunity for Viral Reach

5. Driving Brand Awareness and Engagement

6. Direct Engagement with Consumers

7. Opportunity for E-commerce Integration


Here's What We Do To Help:

  • Calendar planning
  • Content creation (copy and visuals)
  • Moderation/escalation/engagement
  • Content scheduling and posting
  • Community management
  • On-going optimization
  • Regular reporting of metrics
  • Advertising campaigns