The Challenge

FIORA® Brand household paper products needed an awareness boost with the goal being to increase brand awareness among potential new consumers in priority markets while still emphasizing core value propositions.

The Solution

We kicked things off by creating a series of unique, folded paper-themed animated videos with concise messaging. These videos included FIORA® Brand’s unique illustration style and expressed the product attributes of the entire FIORA® Brand portfolio. Check out the video to see our origami in action! We ran these video ads across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and programmatically to drive high impression delivery at a low cost and garner as much attention as possible.

The Results

Hangar12’s brand awareness program generated:

  • 46 million impressions delivered by programmatic video
    • CPM of under $4, far below the category benchmark of $10
  • Nearly 50 million impressions delivered by paid social
    • CPM of under $4, beating the category benchmark of $5

We achieved these efficient CPMs by delivering the right ad units to the right shoppers at the right times. And we did it with fun, animated content that kept FIORA® Brand top of mind among target consumers.

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