Can Your Content Make It On Mobile?

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Apr 29, 2015 9:35:00 AM

Google updated their search algorithm this week which saw pages that were not mobile optimized tumble in page ranks. Companies should be working ahead of this mobile tsunami to make sure their content is in the right places and formatted to be seen on all sorts of devices.


With more than half of digital content now consumed via mobile devices, approaching its creation with a mobile mind-set has become a must. The problem is, taking desktop content and merely porting it over to mobile is not going to work, experts said.

So where is a marketer to start? The first step is to better understand what exactly mobile is.

Adam Broitman, VP of global marketing at MasterCard, said he prefers the term “mobility” over “mobile.” Mobile, he said, is often associated with a device type, while mobility refers to the context in which marketing experiences are executed.

“Under the umbrella of the term ‘mobility,’ we can look at an entire landscape of devices that are made to deliver content on the go, and an experience strategy can be crafted to meet the needs of a consumer, not the functionality of a device,” Broitman told in an exclusive interview. “This is a critical distinction in a world where user centricity is a key to product and marketing excellence.”

Marketers must also take care not to put all of those mobility devices into one bucket, added Jeff Hasen, CMO, chief strategist, and founder of Gotta Mobilize. Tablets are connected via Wi-Fi or cellular service less than 20% of the time, while a mobile device is connected to the Internet almost 100% of the time, he told That means smartphone device users are almost always reachable, while tablet owners provide brands more limited access.

And let’s not forget new technology including wearables, which are further expanding mobile’s definition. Right now these devices are still in their infancy, but as consumer adoption rises, so will content consumption. In turn, brands will need to adjust their mobile content strategies.

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