Connected Consumers Are Not Created Equal

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Dec 3, 2014 4:23:00 AM

The global research firm A.T. Kearney released their latest report on global consumers' perspectives of online purchasing and social media. The report shows many distinct variations based on country. Globally, consumers are almost constantly on social media platforms, but brands need to pay attention to certain markets. For example, the research shows that more than 95% of Chinese consumers rely on social networks to evaluate products and make purchasing decisions.

You would think that our world’s remarkable connectivity would be a marketer’s dream come true—the opportunity to reach consumers anytime, anywhere. But, in reality, connectivity has created unforeseen challenges: siloed and dislocated marketing budgets; global brand builders and retailers that, in most cases, still have not unified their approaches to shoppers; and consumers in both developing and developed markets who are becoming dramatically more sophisticated, often in surprising ways.

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