Why More Companies Are Pushing For Corporate Responsibility Programs

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jul 13, 2022 3:04:30 PM


A few generations ago, people didn't always care whether companies they purchased from supported causes or whether they agreed with those causes, but public opinions about CPG corporate responsibility have shifted in recent years.

Today, 64% of consumers choose, switch, avoid, or boycott a brand partly because of its stance on social issues. 86% of consumers also think companies should take necessary stands. 

While it can be controversial to do so, there several causes companies can safely support. Chief among them are environmental causes that most consumers support as they have become more environmentally conscious.

When you find a cause that resonates with your customer base and employees, it can be the missing piece in your overall CPG marketing strategy. 

Improve Brand Reputation 

A well-executed CPG corporate responsibility program helps improve the brand's reputation and public image. Consumers feel better about shopping at stores that support causes they like and that seem to care about them. They are more likely to recommend these brands to friends and speak positively of them or post positive messages about them on social media. 

Holding earth in your hands.

As a byproduct of improving reputation, a CPG corporate responsibility program can get companies better media coverage. Media outlets cover charitable campaigns and events that support causes. If your company is engaging in these activities and has a publicist to bring them to media outlets' attention, it will not be difficult to get more coverage for your company and without the cost of paid advertising.

Better Retention

Because causes matter to employees and add additional layers of purpose to employment, your retention can be as much as 57% better with corporate responsibility efforts than it would be without them. Employees who feel tied to causes are less likely to leave their companies as they feel a sense of purpose tied to their employment, even beyond their job duties or positions.

Employee engagement is also higher with a CPG corporate responsibility program. Engaged employees are less likely to think the grass is greener elsewhere. 

Competitive Advantage

CPG corporate responsibility programs give brands competitive advantages by helping them stand out from crowds of similar companies with similar products. A company that stands for a cause will be preferred over one that doesn't and will gain a larger share of the marketplace.

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