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POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jul 27, 2022 2:59:00 PM

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While handheld tech products don't fall under the umbrella of CPG products, they're significant as they play an important part in the ways CPG products are marketed and bought. By looking at current trends in handheld tech, you can gain insight regarding new ways to market your CPG products and increase sales.

Handheld devices have been around since the 1980s. They took a huge leap forward in their use by marketers when the iPhone grew popular in the 2010s, and social media came to the forefront as a major way people communicated online. 

Banner ads on websites meant to be viewed by computers quickly turned into apps and ads on social media. They almost read like content, and today, there are more trends happening that can help CPG brands reach more people and generate sales. 


Smartwatches are not new, but they've shown record growth of 13% year over year. In 2022, contactless payments can be made with smartwatches, making it easier to purchase products online. For CPG brands, this means being able to market your products on smartwatches for consumers to purchase with just a few clicks.

Smart Glasses

Facebook's transformation to Meta has fueled innovation in smart glasses which use augmented reality to feed information to users about things the lenses are seeing. It is still early for this type of wearable, but the market increased 66% in the most recent year, so this seems to be a rising trend that could be capitalized on for CPG marketing. 

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QR Codes

QR codes are made to be scanned with handheld devices and take users to websites where they can purchase items or receive information. New developments in QR codes make it easy for brands to create codes for use in stores and on business cards, flyers, websites, and other marketing materials. These codes are another tool in your marketing arsenal that put purchasing power at your consumers' fingertips. 

5G Capability

One advantage of 5G is it has larger bandwidth than its earlier counterparts. This means it will become easier to use your smartphone or other connected device in a crowd. For CPG brands, consumers will not experience as much lag time or other difficulties getting on their mobile sites or making purchases they would have with LTE or 4G. When the mobile delivery process is more seamless, sales rise and brands can take advantage of handheld device advertising to boost product awareness. 

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