Customers Don't Want To Be Marketed to--And That's Great

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Apr 23, 2015 6:38:00 AM

Consumers are overwhelmed by marketing and being bombarded with one-way brand messaging. Companies need to know their customers on a personal level now.


What consumers want today is a two-way conversation and a meaningful, relevant journey from Point A—where their unfulfilled wants, needs, hopes, and dreams are sitting—to Point B, the fulfillment of those unmet objectives. All too often, marketers create prepackaged experiences dictating how our consumers’ real-time journeys should look and how they’ll pivot based on the decisions they make within our branded platforms.

But that’s part of the problem—we shouldn’t know precisely what these individual experiences are going to look like until the consumer is actively engaging in them. Brandon, a dad and car enthusiast from California, shouldn’t get handed the “California dad who loves cars” experience from the second he enters the site until the moment he leaves.

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