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POSTED BY Greg Keating ON May 26, 2015 6:54:00 AM

Mobile is clearly here to stay, and changing the game. Get to know how your customers are using their mobile phones to interact with brands and companies.


Your company has become a mobile experience for customers whether you are ready for it or not. Today's multi-device consumer is increasingly accessing your information, messaging and ads on a mobile device. Your challenge is how to utilize mobile to take consumer experiences to a higher level.

1. Mobile Has Changed the Path to Purchase

According to retail strategy and marketing firm InReality's report, "Reality of Retail", it was noted that;

The following three types of conversations were identified as critical;

71% of shoppers who use loyalty programs still use their mobile for price comparisons.

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

And, "technology, especially mobile, is having an impact on the store--changing the shopper's path to purchase."

With the knowledge that smartphones are innovating customer experiences, Outback Steakhouse is utilizing the medium to provide real-time wait time data via their "Clickthru Seating" app. The development of the app was driven by a consumer survey that discovered there was a wait of 40 minutes to be seated. According to Elizabeth Watts, director of media and community relations, "Our number one priority is to provide our guests with the best customer experience possible....Click Thru Seating empowers our guests [to] get a table when they want it."...

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