How to train staff for social media marketing

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jul 1, 2015 6:56:00 AM

To create a consistent digital voice of your company on the internet, you need to make sure that you have taken the proper steps to allow your employees to help spread the message without going off the rails.


You might not need a social media department, if you train staff with a few of the basics. Jon Mowat explains.

Companies across the globe are realising the impact their employees have on the company’s social media. Social media training has already become mandatory across a broad range of organisations. Companies like Pepsi,

Adidas, Sprint, and HP have already made social media training a core part of their training programme.

Using your staff to promote your company on social media can be a great way to expand your web presence, but it is also a great opportunity for disaster. Relying on non-marketing staff to meet your social media goals is like...

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