Content and Commerce 2014 report

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Nov 3, 2014 6:06:00 AM

L2 Think Tank just released their Content and Commerce 2014 report. The report shows that global content strategies are still a major challenge for brands. The report also shows that more than 25% of brand's blogs and social strategies never actually link back to any commerce or point of sale.


While "double door" site experiences have largely disappeared, upwards of 25% of brand blogs in the U.S. and and Western Europe do not link back to commerce in any way, and very few brands have established a framework for syndicating blog content across the main site experience.Organizations that are achieving scale with branded content have embedded content assets onto transactional pages. Branded video is now embedded on product pages by 47% of brands, and on category grid pages by 22% of brands. Assets like guided selling tools, lookbooks and user generated content are also starting to be more deeply integrated into the site experience.Formulating a global content strategy is still a challenge for many brands, who are hamstrung by localization hurdles, a decentralized e-commerce team structure, and a fragmented platform landscape. Site experiences in Europe and Asia are often weaker than in the U.S. from a content perspective.

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