Navigating the Landscape of CPG Re-branding: Do’s and Don'ts

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Nov 9, 2023 2:24:51 PM

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Familiarity can breed loyalty, but it can also lead to boredom. If your CPG brand uses the same branding for many years, you might fail to connect with new audiences. CPG re-branding introduces novelty into your brand voice and positioning, allowing you to reach out to new audiences and reach out to existing audiences in new ways.

This post explores how consumer insights can help your company redefine your brand voice and brand positioning. What are the core dos and don’ts of CPG rebranding? 

The Importance of Consumer Insights

The consumer is your audience, so consumer insights should play a pivotal role in your CPG re-branding efforts. Gathering consumer insights gives you a better understanding of consumers’ preferences, needs, and perceptions of your brand, helping to hone your brand voice and brand positioning. 

Companies can gather consumer insights through tools such as surveys, by analyzing website interactions, and by looking at social media engagement and mentions of your brand. Re-branding efforts may focus on product offerings, brand voice, and visual and packaging elements.

By doing this research, companies can gain insights into where the brand is resonating with consumers and where it might be falling short. Identifying gaps and needs for change can shape your CPG re-branding efforts, enabling you to align with the desires and expectations of consumers. 

Thoughtful re-branding gives your company the opportunity to build meaningful connections and customer loyalty with your target audience. 

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Identifying and Refreshing the Brand Voice

To refresh your brand voice, you need to audit and adjust your brand's tone, language, and messaging. How can you do this? 

  • Review your brand materials, including your products, website, social media, and customer communications. 
  • Determine whether your values and mission have changed. Does your brand messaging still connect with those values? 
  • Examine brand perception. How do consumers feel about your brand? 
  • Look at the connection between the two. Does your packaging, logo, voice, and overall messaging connect with your values and mission and the needs of your audience at the same time? 
  • Regularly review your brand values, messaging, and perception to ensure that you continue to be in alignment

Adjust your messaging to ensure that it aligns with your brand’s personality and appeals to the emotions and interests of your customers. By being clear and consistent in your brand voice.

and brand positioning, you can communicate who you are as a company. 

The Do's of CPG Re-branding

How can you execute a successful CPG re-branding and ultimately convert your new brand awareness into sales?  These actions will help you plan your rebrand: 

  • Understand why you are rebranding and what strategy and timeline you will use to understand your target audience and market positioning. 
  • Conduct research to understand consumer needs and market trends. Gather feedback from both current and existing customers so that you capture new potential markets.
  • Create a new and consistent brand identity, including colors, logo, typography, and visual elements. Ensure that your brand voice and message align with this identity. 
  • Update all of your brand materials such as your packaging, marketing materials, social media, and website 
  • Train employees so that they understand the new messaging 
  • Launch the rebrand with press releases and social media announcements. Ensure that your messaging is consistent. 
  • Monitor your metrics such as sales and website traffic to see the impact of the rebrand 

The Don'ts of CPG Re-branding

CPG re-branding can be a powerful tool to revitalize your brand, but you also need to ensure that you avoid alienating your current customer base. Avoid the following: 

  • Starting a re-brand without a clear reason, strategy, and objective. This is confusing to customers and employees alike. 
  • Failing to do your market research and launching a rebrand that does not resonate with your audience 
  • Inconsistency across different brand touchpoints such as logos and social media. Customers won’t understand your new brand voice and brand positioning. 
  • A lack of communication with employees and customers 

Brand Positioning and Packaging Design

Packaging design is a way of communicating who your brand is through visuals and materials. It can help communicate your brand’s values. For instance, using more efficient packaging communicates an environmental message. Packaging design can also communicate your brand voice. A new color scheme, text, and message work together to create a successful re-branding. 


Your CPG re-branding should begin with a strong strategy. Using consumer insights, you can reshape your branding, making a stronger connection with audiences new and old. 

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