How to Make Your Marketing Strategy More Consumer Driven

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON May 11, 2023 4:40:51 PM


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Making your marketing strategy more consumer-driven has proven advantages for your brand. BIA Kelsey's research shows that 61% of small and medium-sized business revenue comes from repeat consumers. Furthermore, the National Law Review found it can cost up to five times more to acquire new consumers than it does to keep current ones.

Clearly, there's an upside to marketing to your existing consumers or those who already use and enjoy your products, but how can a brand make its CPG marketing strategy more consumer-driven?

Focus on the Consumer Experience

The best way to be consumer-driven is to focus on improving the way your consumers experience your products from a marketing standpoint. From the first point of contact to the moment consumers have the products in their hands, marketers need to make sure consumer experiences are positive.

Having attractive emails, social media pages, and a website are required for positive consumer experiences so they don't get frustrated trying to make purchases or explore options. Beyond these marketing touchpoints, however, there are other important pieces of the marketing puzzle. 

Ask For (and Listen to) Feedback

It's nearly impossible to discern how your consumers perceive your marketing and your products without getting regular feedback. Finding ways to get honest feedback from your consumers will show you where you need to improve your performance marketing to retain their loyalty. 

Some consumers will seek ways to give feedback to your brand, while others will need to be asked. When your consumers see you're creating a culture of communication and you care about their input, they'll tell you everything you need to know about their experiences. 

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Have a Consistent Brand Voice

When your CPG brand voice uses clear, consistent language that casts your products in a positive light, it will speak volumes to your consumers. Don't spend time trashing your competitors; that kind of negativity will permeate your own voice and impact consumers. Keeping your voice positive is a more effective way to keep people coming back for more.

Ask for Consumers' Help

A referral program that rewards consumers for introducing your products to new individuals is a good way to extend your consumer-driven philosophy beyond just marketing to your existing consumer base while giving them roles in your success. 

Both your existing and new consumers can win in this scenario and earn rewards and discounts.

Follow Up When Consumers Leave

Bain & Co. reports that a 5% increase in consumer retention can increase a brand's profitability by 75%, so it's worth finding out why consumers leave and addressing their issues as best you can. The more established consumers you can keep, the better off you'll be. 

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