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POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Apr 28, 2015 8:26:00 AM

Is your digital strategy strictly focused on a click and a purchase? Digital marketing should not only be a channel for pushing product, but also as a way to make a positive and visible presence for potential customers.

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Reputation has always been important, but perhaps never more so than in the digital age. Now, we have access within one click to more options than ever more–and more information concerning any company we might be interested in doing business with.

Everyone, and every business, makes mistakes, whether it’s a “bad apple” employee, a product launch that didn’t go as planned, or a customer service snafu. In the digital age, those mistakes can have long lasting consequences, especially when a story about those mistakes gains traction online. Use these tips not only to help recover, but to strengthen your company’s search profile so that your are ready to meet any PR issues head on.

1. Don’t click the link!

Every time a client calls us and tells us about a problem entry for their brand that they want to get rid of on Google, I always ask them. Did you click on it? They usually answer “EVERY DAY”. Just because your booboo itches does not mean you should scratch it. It can be tempting to keep clicking that dreaded story. Resist temptation and request that anyone working on your team do the same. Why? Because clicking on the link tells your search engine that it’s relevant, when you want to make it less so. Google and other search engines aren’t consciously trying to bring your reputation down; they just promote the links ther algorithms tell them are the most relevant. Create new stories and distribute them on all of your company networks to provide these engines with newer, more relevant places.

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