5 Social Media Marketing Tactics for 2023

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON May 4, 2023 11:01:27 AM

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Social media marketing has only been around for a relatively short time, but it has become a powerful and effective way to conduct CPG marketing efforts. The basics for social media marketing are the same as for any kind of marketing. You must set goals, know your audience, and don't act like you're trying to sell anything. Beyond those, here are some of the top social media marketing tactics for 2023.

1. Live Video Content. 

If you have even a small but loyal following, they will love seeing live video content in your unique CPG brand voice about your products. Live videos are huge on social media. They make people feel like they're getting in on the ground floor for new products, discounts, and other brand-exclusive content. Live video material can also be educational, with just links to products or QR codes for those interested in seeing what you offer. 

2. Automated Content.

Who has the time every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to post content on several different social media sites? No one who's building or growing their business does. The great news is there are now many automation tools that will take prepared content and post it at scheduled times so you don't need to spend too long on social postings while still allowing you to have the impacts you want.

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3. Start a Group.

Some social media platforms (like Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Tumblr) have groups. They take a lot of time to moderate when members grow into the thousands. However, smaller groups can be monitored with fewer efforts each day while providing opportunities for you to plug your products to those who already have interest in them and develop relationships with those who don't.

4. Transition to LinkedIn.  

Many Twitter users are migrating to LinkedIn, so marketers should be aware that both platforms may see rapid change. It might be effective to market more on LinkedIn and to use marketing techniques that are more often seen on Twitter there. Shifting some of your marketing dollars from Twitter to LinkedIn makes sense, but careful monitoring will be needed to ensure results on both platforms. 

5. Unpolished Content and One-on-One Interactions

While marketers may be used to creating professional-looking content, consumers are responding more to casual, conversational offerings. They also crave the personal touches of one-on-one interactions as they feel more special. This can encourage more buying. The time one-on-one interactions take may not be feasible for most, but for top consumers and distributors, it makes a lot of sense. 

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