Strike an Emotional Chord to Get a Website Internationally Ranked

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Nov 10, 2014 10:53:47 PM

Why are some companies so good at getting top ranking sites? It could be the emotional connection people feel when they interact with this particular brand. Getting a website to hit the top spot on an international ranking list can be achieved by creating this same gut feeling for visitors, no matter the size of the company. Utilize these key elements to boost a website up the search engine list.

Local Dialect

Specific slang in one language doesn’t always translate well to others. But when a site uses it, a customer feels more at ease buying their products, thus creating assurance simply by incorporating the local dialect. By making all language translations sound native, trust can be achieved. This attention to detail can help a site rank higher on a search engine, but 48% of Fortune 500 companies don’t even do this. Tap into this audience by using slang in each language option that evokes an emotional response such as a happy feeling of being included, and a loyal fan base will follow. Craft unique and fun product descriptions that play on these slang phrases to stand out, like ModCloth’s hilarious names for each listed item.

The Domain Game

The difficulty in choosing the perfect domain is well worth the effort. Try a name that will be easily recognized, and decide whether to use multiple top-level domains or subdomains. Each one has it’s benefits as well as it’s drawbacks. It all depends on budget and time management factors. (Choosing a little of both is also an option). Credible Citations When reliable sources write reviews for a product, the value of that product goes up. Get the same reaction by having quality sources review products or the website itself. People feel like they can trust a company better if this influential person just gave it a “five gold star” rating. Add links to local directories so that these high levels of praise show up higher on a search list. This will instill trust with the customer base by connecting the website with quality industry professionals. Keep up with these reviews though, one bad one may lower a site’s ranking below the competitors.

Build a Brand with a Heart

Get a local telephone number so locals as well as visitors can easily visit the site. With geotargeted ads, brands can create custom ones that are sensitive to each place they are shown. This mindful way of advertising is important to fans and shows that a website is more than just a pretty layout. It adds depth of character to the company, and in turn gives people a sense of security. Making a big purchase online can be intimidating, so reassure customers by showing solid character strengths. A brand can also express their opinions on current affairs, proving that it’s a trend maker worth following. Think of how top ranking sites are more than just a vehicle to purchase goods. They have a community of like-minded fans that love the products as well as the emotional connection they get from visiting the site.

By giving a website a personality through language slang usage, recognizable domain names, local phone numbers, and high quality industry links, a website will start climbing the rankings list in no time.

To see each step in more detail, click on the infographic.

By Megan Ritter

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