Current Trends of Top Candy Companies

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jul 20, 2022 8:13:16 AM

Multicolored candy.

June is National Candy Month. The National Confectioner's Association says 83% of vacationers will enjoy candy at some point during their trips. Candy sales are increasing at a modest rate of around 3% each year, proving that even amid rising prices and inflation, people are willing to spend some of their hard-earned cash on sweet treats.

Healthier CPG Treats

One trend being seen among candymakers features healthier candy options that make people feel better about indulging. Dark chocolate offers health benefits when eaten in moderation, and more products containing dark chocolate are hitting the market. 

Manufacturers are also adding healthier mix-ins like dried fruit and nuts to make products more attractive to health-conscious individuals. One example of this stems from Copper Kettle Candy Co.'s Power Bark, a dark chocolate bar with nuts and dried fruit that has under 200 calories and only 15 grams of carbs. By comparison, Three Musketeers has 47 grams. 

Another way confectioners can make candy healthier is to offer sugar-free options. While some sugar-free candies have added chemicals and artificial sweeteners that can impact people's digestive systems negatively, others use more natural additives like stevia, which comes from plants and has less of a negative impact. 

Chocolate bars.

Non-Chocolate Novelties

A big part of candy-eating is the experience. This is especially true when people are limiting the amount of candy and sugar in their overall diets. When people who rarely eat candy do so, they want it to be special. 

To meet the demand for memorable experiences, candy companies are increasingly producing novelties that make candy consumption special. Spray candies, candies that mimic the tastes of novelty foods, or those that come inside plastic toys are examples of novelty candies that promise special experiences when eaten. 


Social responsibility is a big trend in companies overall, including candy companies. Hershey is spending $500 million on sustainable cocoa production, and Mars is spending $1 billion to combat climate change. 

Smaller companies can do their part by using biodegradable packaging and by making it clear their manufacturing processes don't create more emissions than necessary. Consumers pay attention to these things when they're buying candy, and it's important to make the effort to be sustainable. This will attract the highest levels of your target audience. 

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