Why Establishing a Voice for Your CPG Brand Matters

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Oct 27, 2021 5:28:47 PM


A brand's voice is its personality--it represents what the brand is and what it stands for. On average, a brand has about 10 seconds for a social media or website user to decide whether to click off the site or spend more time there. And a significant determining factor in that decision is the brand voice.  

Having a consistent and accurate voice for your brand can mean the difference between being remembered and forgotten, between differentiating from your competition and disappearing into a crowd. It is essential to work on developing a brand voice for your CPG brand for all of the following reasons. 

Brand Voice Helps a Brand Stand Out

One of the most important parts of marketing a brand is figuring out what makes it unique and how it can stand out from a crowd of competitors. Your brand voice is instrumental in helping your brand stand out--each brand voice is unique and can be defined in a way that will not be just like other competitors. 

Brand Voice Determines Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy depends on a unique brand voice and how that can be conveyed to the target audience and the general public. If you don't take the time to find your brand voice, your marketing strategy can flounder and get off track, which will eventually filter down to your bottom line. 

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Brand Voice Reflects the Unique Value Proposition

The unique value proposition is more than just standing out from the crowd. It's the thing you can offer your customers that no other brand can offer. Your brand voice can reflect this unique value proposition, and it will become part of the brand's personality as a problem-solver that offers what customers really need and want. 

Brand Voice Helps Consumers Remember

Chances are, brand voice is a big part of why consumers remember anything at all about the brand. When the brand voice captures the right tone and attitude around the brand, it will be memorable to those watching or consuming its marketing content, and that will lead to more sales online and in stores.

Many CPG brands need to get potential customers hooked with a social media video or other catchy content to get people thinking, "I want to buy this product." In order to get consumers to remember the brand next time they are in a grocery store, drugstore, or other venue where products are sold, a consistent brand voice that stands out is a necessity. 

The good news is, CPG products are more in demand than ever as people search store shelves for their preferred items or alternatives that give the same or better quality. Having a consistent and easily understandable brand voice will help you capture the market share you need during these uncertain times. 

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