The Challenge

With a dated brand persona, Beard Guyz needed a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness quick.

Hangar12's goal was to create a unified brand experience to boost awareness and drive in-store and online sales with the ultimate result of gaining distribution in Walmart.

Building a Playbook

We knew we needed to build a holistic marketing campaign, but it had to be cost conscious while still delivering significant ROI. We utilized consumer research to validate our new 'Gentleman Renegade' brand persona while tailoring engaging creative content across a litany of different marketing tactics. We developed three how-to videos, paid social media, consumer rebates, SiriusXM ads, and Digital Banner ads to educate the consumer on how to maintain their beard like a pro.

The Solution

The result speaks for itself: the campaign saw 83 million impressions, 1.5 million engagements, 18,000 digital redemptions, 260,000 clicks to retailer websites, double digit sales increases, and best of all, distribution at 1,000 Walmart stores nation-wide.

When it comes to speed-to-market, that’s how Hangar12 shapes up sales fast!

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