Hangar12’s Consumer First® approach relies on a proven, insight-rich process that informs branding and creative decisions from a consumer point-of-view. It also uses a series of steps/tools that are modeled after Nielsen BASES (simulated test marketing) and its 12 Factors for Success for new products.

We focus on collaborating with consumers throughout the creative process around the three communication factors that influence shopper behavior:

  • Catch Attention
  • (Be remarkable. Get noticed.)
  • Connect Message
  • (Be heard. Land your message.)
  • Clearly Communicate
  • (Be focused.)

How do we put your consumers first? We engage with them throughout our creative development.


Every Hangar12 project begins by stepping into the consumer’s shoes and investigating the retail environment. This mind-set was developed by Procter & Gamble and coined “Store Back”. It means you have to have the end in mind when you're coming up with marketing ideas. What does your category look like? How do your products display in-store? Is your product in grocery, mass, c-store, dollar, club or specialty? How different is the shopping experience in each space?

Also, we garner consumer brand and shopping perceptions through mobile shop-alongs. We engage with your consumers as they note their in-store experience while shopping for your product (or your competitors). We capture photos, videos, and commentary from consumers across the country. These insights inform our SWOP analysis to identify creative ideas to explore.


Whether it's creative ideas, concepts or copy, we are able to engage your consumers as we ideate potential new brand experiences. It’s like having the voice of the consumer in our creative brainstorm sessions. Even before we present ideas, our clients know that we’ve tested them with their consumers and have data to back it up. These interactions with individuals ensure that the final brand activations will resonate with your target audience.


We ask a lot of questions. You have to in order to understand how well your brand is communicating through your strategy. We talk to highly screened consumers one on one. We do on-demand surveys and on-line tests with our panels of targeted shoppers. We do quick consumer reads to narrow down choices and nail the idea.

Iterative Design

We translate ideas into concepts to get quick consumer feedback. Then iterate the designs, and repeat the process. This is our unique marketing approach, driven by an understanding of the consumer, for every solution we present to you.