3 Ways to Change Brand Perception

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Aug 25, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Screenshot_2016-08-22_20.25.22.pngEvery major brand has an individual and definite personality. While these companies may serve comparable customer requirements, brands develop particular characteristics, most of which are earned through their dealings. The world’s foremost brands always look to improve and expand that list of features to catch the attention of the type of consumer they desire.

Here’s a quote from the folks over at Brandwatch that you may find enlightening. “Brand perception is owned by consumers, not brands. Regardless of your message, whatever people are thinking and saying about your brand, that is your brand.”

The following is a handful of tips to help you change the way that shoppers perceive your brand.

  1. Make a full and honest assessment of your brand. To better your brand image, you have to understand it and know your attributes like the back of your hand. So make sure that you are honest with yourself about which qualities your brand has that are positive, and which need a little work. Ask yourself why customers would choose your brand from all of the choices that are out there. Compare your brand to the competition honestly and assess how you stack up. Finally, try to determine what you could change to better serve your customers.
  2. Determine how to attract your ideal customers. This is especially important since without understanding what it is that they want you are very unlikely to be successful. You may think that all they care about is a high-quality product, but what they actually desire is better customer service, or something even less tangible. The bottom line is this: think long and hard about what it is that your target demographic truly wants, convey your brand image in the proper light, and always put the customer first.
  3. Use your company to communicate your brand values. This isn’t just about having an excellent website and an active Facebook page (although those things can be critical). We’re talking about having the actual people in your company act as brand ambassadors. This can be achieved by creating a positive work environment that will make your employees want to say good things about your organization. Also, make sure that everyone working for your brand knows what the company values are and express to them the importance of sharing this with the world.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that consumers like to know what to expect from a brand. That means that maintaining consistency can be crucial in keeping your customers happy. You need to send consistent messages across sales, customer service and marketing. This applies to all situations in which your company will be interacting with customers and prospective customers throughout the buyer journey. 

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