5 Consumer Marketing Tips for YouTube

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Aug 28, 2017 5:00:00 AM

YouTube, which hardly registered on anyone’s radar ten years ago, is now the most recognizable platform for video distribution, reaching the largest, most diverse audience in the world. With over one billion users, YouTube is available in 88 countries and 76 languages, which makes it accessible to 95 percent of internet users. 

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Almost all internet users worldwide have access to YouTube content.

As for key consumer demographics (the 18-34 age group and the 18-49 age group), YouTube has greater reach than any television network. In other words, YouTube is a place where brands can cast a wide net. Lest you think YouTube is primarily for Millennials, the time spent on YouTube by users over age 35 is growing at a significantly faster rate than adults in aggregate.

This is not to say that Millennials do not love YouTube. In fact, it is where Millennials get their video content, being the preferred provider by an almost two-to-one margin over traditional television. It only makes sense that brands integrate YouTube into their consumer marketing strategy. Here are five useful consumer marketing tips for YouTube.

1. Make It a Component of an Overall Consumer Marketing Strategy

YouTube has tremendous reach, but it cannot do all the heavy lifting of a comprehensive consumer marketing strategy. It will deliver results best when it is part of a multi-dimensional strategy that includes paid digital advertising, social media advertising, and a strong, consistent social media presence that engages readers. 

2. Post Content Regularly and Consistently

Consumers do not expect brands to post a single YouTube video once in a blue moon with no context or indication of when to expect more. If you are going to commit to a YouTube consumer marketing push, you have to commit to posting regularly and consistently. You do not have to have Hollywood-level production values, but you cannot leave your YouTube followers wondering why you disappeared.

3. Understand the Nuances of YouTube SEO

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YouTube SEO has some things in common with traditional SEO, but there are differences.

Did you know that the search box on YouTube.com is the second biggest search engine in the world? Search engine optimization (SEO) for YouTube differs from typical webpage SEO. It is important to know that Google (YouTube’s parent company) favors pages with YouTube videos embedded. Additionally, the keywords you use on YouTube will be different. Tagging videos properly for YouTube is also essential, and you can find some other useful YouTube-centric SEO tips here.

4. Integrate YouTube Videos with Other Social Media

Your YouTube consumer marketing should bolster your marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms you use, and vice versa. Videos are easy to share, and new videos should be given mention and links on all your social media properties. Likewise, entertaining, captivating YouTube videos are likelier to be shared on social media by your fans.

5. Give Viewers Both Inspiration and Practical Help

People watching YouTube want to be inspired, perhaps by a video showcasing what a product or service can do for someone like them. They also want practical advice. It is no mystery why the phrase “how to” is such a hot keyword phrase on YouTube. If someone can find a two-minute video on how to cut up a pineapple or re-light the pilot on their water heater, they are thrilled to be able to solve the problem by themselves. Make it easy for them to do so with videos that show someone performing the task. 

Consumer marketing and YouTube are natural partners, and the biggest brands know this. However, you cannot simply make a one-off video and hope it goes viral. For YouTube-based consumer marketing to be successful, you have to provide consumers with a steady drumbeat of content, and it has to be high quality content, tagged appropriately so the YouTube search engine finds it readily. 

One of the best qualities of YouTube consumer marketing is its “long tail.” People today want to know how to use your product, and other people will want to know how tomorrow or next year. Having an outstanding library of YouTube videos is one of the most valuable consumer marketing assets today’s businesses can have. 

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