5 Mobile Ideas for CPG Brand Promotion

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON May 31, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Mobile promotions are an effective tool for reaching modern consumers. DMNews report that 70% of consumers have purchased a new CPG product after “being served a mobile ad.” eMarketer has found that mobile ad campaigns that include a promotion or coupon yield 2.5 times higher results than “usage and branding-focused campaigns.” 

To drive first-time and repeat sales, customer loyalty, and build brand buzz, mobile tactics can be an effective means of achieving remarkable results. If you’re considering integrating some mobile marketing tactics into your digital marketing campaigns, join us as we review five effective mobile methods. 

What Defines a Great Mobile Promotion?

The goals of your marketing campaign can be a key factor in determining the type of promotion you select. While some organizations may be hoping to generate buzz, others may have goals of building customer loyalty. However, all mobile promotions should meet most of the following criteria:

  • Be relevant to consumer needs without being too sales-focused
  • Fit seamlessly into your consumer’s lives
  • Offer seamless opportunities to redeem offers and promotions
  • Avoid clunky interfaces or difficult-to-use workflows
  1. Branded Apps

CPG brands were early adopters of branded apps to deliver high-value content like recipe ideas for busy Moms. However, many organizations have branched out and created other innovative mobile apps, including interactive games. Betty Crocker’s Mobile Cookbook and General Mill’s Lucky Charms-themed “Chase the CHarms” game are two examples of mobile apps designed to inform or engage.

  1. Mobile Loyalty Programs

Marketers understand that in order for a loyalty program to drive results, it needs to be easy for customers to use. For many modern customers, mobile applications represent the most convenient platform for product code entry and retrieving mobile coupons. Kellogg’s Family Rewards program allows consumers to track packaging codes and redeem points from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

  1. Mobile Cashback Offers

Inspiring consumers to engage with their mobile devices in-store can be crucial to increasing sales and inspiring buyers to try new products. Kraft’s Philadelphia Rewards allows app users to scan product barcodes and snapshot pictures of their receipts in store to instantly receive cashback on purchases. The promotion method’s pilot program indicated a redemption rate of 15%.

For brands considering mobile cash-back offers, integrating in-store elements like Kraft is certainly something to consider. Rewards which can be immediately redeemed at the cash register may offer higher perceived value to mobile customers.

  1. Text Messaging

For customers who opt-in to brand communications via text message, it can be a convenient channel for CPG brands to offer rewards, samples, and promotions. Mobile Marketer notes that Shick’s text message promotions have included a free razor sample for customers who reply to text message promotions with their full name, email, and mailing address.

  1. Co-Marketing

By partnering with content or entertainment organizations, CPG brands can collaborate on mobile promotions. One of the first CPG brands to adopt this approach was Clorox, who collaborated with the Viggle television show app in 2013. Viewers of The Bachelorette were able to vote on the most cringe-inducing moments in the reality show, which Clorox dubbed “bleach worthy” in order to win entries in a sweepstakes.

Adopting innovative approaches to mobile marketing can allow brands to develop customer loyalty, promote new products, and generate buzz. By developing innovative mobile experiences that fit seamlessly into your customers’ lives, you can increase your chances of driving a high-return on investment.

Mobile consumers span all demographics, age groups, and customer segments. However, mobile marketing isn’t limited to just busy Moms, children, teens, or any other age group. From mobile app-driven rewards programs to engaging games for children, the options for CPG mobile promotion are nearly limitless.

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