7 Emerging CPG Marketing Jobs for the Future

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jun 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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The CPG industry is at a well-known and much-discussed tipping point. Between drastic changes in digital behavior and increasingly fragmented shopping habits, establishing customer loyalty is far different -- and more difficult -- than it was a decade ago. Pricewaterhouse Cooper points to “changing consumer attitudes towards products and brands” as one of the greatest factors in current market disruption. In order to win, brands must intelligently adapt to the changing needs and habits of today’s consumers.

It’s clear that CPG marketing strategies will play a clear role in determining the brands that win and lose in the years to come. CPG certainly isn’t the only industry dealing with rapid changes in consumer behaviors, due to mobile, social, and other disruptive digital mediums. Considering emerging CPG marketing roles, and how existing roles could change, can be an indicator of what’s ahead for the industry. Join us as we review seven important new roles that could belong on your team today or in the near future.

  1. Mobile Experience Designer

Mobile CPG marketing should be more than just SMS messages or occasional brand loyalty apps. CPG brands must develop mobile-optimized customer experiences, which could include applications, video content, deals, and other types of content that optimize the customer experience. Tomorrow’s mobile CPG teams are likely to include a talented mix of technologists, content experts, and brand strategists.

  1. Social Media Engagement Expert

As brand adoption of social media for business has increased, so has the competition. CPG needs social media managers who are capable of much more than scheduling posts on major platforms. Tomorrow’s social specialists will be engagement experts, innovators, and early adopters of new social platforms.

  1. Data-Driven Branding Strategist

Branding has long been a core component of CPG marketing, but this role is poised to evolve. Tomorrow’s brand strategists will learn to use digital platforms and data for competitive analysis, customer research, and other forms of quantitative reporting.

  1. Digital Influencer Outreach

While influencer outreach has traditionally fallen within the realm of PR teams, social media has changed the nature of influence. Influencer relationship specialists of tomorrow may have some PR background, but also they’re likely to be tech-savvy, adept networkers, and exceptional relationship-builders. 

  1. Video Marketer

Multi-sensory marketing makes sense for food, and some brilliant CPG brands are already serving up volumes of high-quality video content. By enlisting innovative video specialists to create recipe tutorials, “behind-the-scenes” videos and other types of content, brands can engage viewers across digital platforms.

  1. Data and Analytics

Big data analysis has the potential to demystify consumer behavior patterns, lending explanation and the ability to predict with great accuracy. Vision Critical writes that gaining a “deeper understanding of your customers’ motivations...is truly the ‘secret sauce’.” On many CPG marketing teams, data scientists have already become a fixture.

  1. eCommerce Specialists

Fortune has declared the grocery industry next in line for mass disruption. Amazon Prime grocery, Blue Apron, and other food delivery services have changed the way customers think about what’s for dinner. CPG marketing teams will need to enlist eCommerce experts to direct online grocery optimization strategies. Instead of shelf placement, factors like user-generated reviews and product descriptions could be critical to achieving high sales. Online reputation management and influencer outreach could also become increasingly important in the era of online grocery ordering.

Many CPG marketing roles already exist in some capacity, but are poised to experience a great deal of disruption. Brands should strive to hire talent and agencies who possess the ability to think critically, adapt quickly, and fail quickly. While few things are certain in CPG, it’s clear that disruption is right around the corner, and the brands who adapt will win. 

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