Corporate Sponsorship Trends to Watch in 2023

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Mar 8, 2023 8:00:00 AM

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2023 could deliver a new line of corporate sponsorship trends for brands to consider as they make plans for the year. Here are a few of the biggest sponsorship marketing trends to watch.

Digital Events and Content

It's not only in-person events or locations that have corporate sponsors. Digital events and locations can take on sponsors just as easily. As most digital events are on smaller scales and budgets than in-person ones, sponsorships may be more affordable for brands on smaller budgets. 

AI-Connected Technologies

AI is now in heavy use by many software makers, and technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are rapidly being added to the arsenal of new technologies, with the potential for more corporate sponsorship opportunities to be available within those technologies. 

Storytelling and Content Marketing

Storytelling has great power, and connecting sponsorships with great stories makes them more powerful and compelling. Keep in mind that young generations have short attention spans and need strong, fast-moving stories to respond before they lose interest. If you can capture their attention, however, they'll search out more content until they understand everything there is to know.


Being sustainable and eco-friendly is a must today, and corporate sponsorships are no exception. Using eco-friendly materials for corporate gifts and giveaways is one way to be more sustainable, and looking to sponsor companies known to be sustainable is another way to make this a priority. 

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On-Demand Content

Most conferences and educational events are made available after the fact as replays and other materials may also be sent or posted before the event as well. You can make the most of your sponsorship by making sure your brand is mentioned in these on-demand materials, extending your reach beyond the event itself.

Creating an Experience

People now value events, even digital ones, for the experiences they create. Corporate sponsorship can be part of this experience with giveaway items and interactive elements that enhance users' experiences beyond just attending events, learning new items, or supporting favored causes. 

Using Data Effectively

Data has become an important part of everything a brand does, informing what users and customers want and what's likely to bring future success. Data can reveal where brands should put their sponsorship dollars and how they can maximize their ROI from sponsorship events and opportunities.

This list is not comprehensive, but it should give you a place to start as you incorporate sponsorships into your CPG marketing. It's good to know what other brands may be doing, but it's more important to figure out what works for your brand as you make marketing decisions. 

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