Current Food Trends That Could Last into the New Year

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Oct 19, 2022 8:00:00 AM


Now that we've entered the last quarter of the year, CPG marketing experts and foodies alike are looking forward to food trends that may carry into 2023. Here are some trends that seem most likely to have staying power into the coming year. 

1. Seafood Alternatives

The growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives has exposed a gap in the market, as only .2% of all plant-based substitutes are in seafood. Companies are expected to jump into the market at their earliest opportunities as not only do people want plant-based alternatives, but the market for seafood is beginning to run thin as most fishing areas approach depletion.

2. Regional/Local Sourcing 

Supply chain problems have led to a new emphasis on local and regional sources for in-demand foods. This is a major shift for producers and will take some time to adapt to. Some are calling the trend "g-local" to designate the global-local aspect. 

3. Sustainability

This trend encompasses several different initiatives including soil health and regeneration, the choice of what to grow and produce, and biodiversity. This trend acknowledges that the agriculture that has been prevalent until now is depleting resources and thus may impact future food production. 


4. A Clean Plate

Consumers realize foods with long lists of ingredients and high levels of processing are not the best choices for their overall health and wellness. The popularity of diets like Whole 30 and Paleo have led to higher demands for clean and minimally processed foods. These demand levels are not likely to drop any time soon.

5. Mood-Enhancing Offerings

In many places, cannabis is now legal along with certain mushroom derivatives with psychotropic effects that consumers are using to change or enhance their moods. The popularity of CBD products has driven this trend and will likely continue into the next year as more legalization bills come about in various states.

6. Woman-Specific Foods

Most research in the food and drug industry has been focused on males. This has left an opening for the development of foods that are of particular benefit to women. As research expands and food producers discover more about women's specific needs, they have jumped to meet them more effectively and now offer foods for different life stages like adolescence, childbearing, and aging. 

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