Here Are 4 Innovative Ways Companies Have Created Brand Awareness

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Oct 14, 2020 12:02:10 PM

Can of Coca-Cola.

Not every company hits the nail on the head with their brand awareness campaigns. But some do and some even do such a great job that their name becomes a part of the popular lexicon. Here is a list of examples of brands that have gotten it right and how they did it.

CPG Branding for Brand Awareness

To be successful, companies must create brand awareness as part of their marketing strategies. It’s a challenge, because creating and measuring CPG branding targeting customer awareness of your company is not a black and white process. However, without it, your customers won’t know who you are nor will they trust your brand.

The goal of any marketing campaign should be to stay top of mind with customers. That takes brand awareness so that when a customer has a need, they think of you first to fulfill it. Some great examples of successful long-term brand awareness include:


Airbnb became a serious disruptor of the traditional hotel industry a few years ago. Their theme of “live like locals” is enticing to potential customers seeking a more authentic experience when traveling at home or abroad.

Burger King

Burger King used technology to increase their brand awareness by launching the #WhopperDetour campaign. Customers that were within 600 feet of McDonald’s, their arch (pun intended) rivals, were tracked by geotracking app they downloaded and offered a Whopper for a penny during the campaign timeline. The app let them place the order then gave directions to the nearest Burger King to pick up their food.


On the CPG branding side of business, Coca-Cola is a go-to drink for consumers all over the world. There are dozens of drink options out there, but many people lead with “I’ll take a Coke” when they want a soda. This is kind of incredible when you consider how much data is out there that shows that the soft drink isn’t a great option for your health. 

One of the most recent campaigns included branded hashtags for Share A Coke, which replaced their brand name with one of the 250 most popular American names on their 20-ounce bottles. Customers bought the bottle with their name on it, then used the hashtag to show themselves drinking a Coke. The fact that Coke could take their name off the bottle and still have brand awareness tells you how successful the company has been at building it. 


Some brands have gone beyond awareness to become a part of the popular culture. Google’s popularity has grown to the point where people simply say, “Just Google it,” and everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. Now, that’s brand awareness!

Google home page displayed on a phone.

Brand awareness is a constant process of staying in front of consumers to build their trust. It’s a vague concept and hard to measure, but if you follow in the footsteps of the companies we’ve mentioned, it will pay off big for your CPG brand.

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