CPG Brands Use Sweepstakes to Build Brand Awareness and Increase Sales

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Feb 17, 2021 11:09:33 AM

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CPG marketing teams have their work cut out for them these days. In a market saturated with brand choices, contests, or sweepstakes, marketing is an excellent way to build brand awareness and increase conversions. What are some of the strategies that CPG brands can use to do this effectively?

CPG Marketing with Sweepstakes

One of the hottest consumer engagement efforts to drive CPG branding is the sweepstakes. It’s a form of gamification that seeks to get consumers excited about winning something for nothing. These CPG marketing efforts can leverage social media to engage with their target audiences.

The gamification of your CPG branding campaign can take many forms and have several goals, including: 

  • Data collection, such as consumer addresses, emails, and phone numbers. 
  • Advertise and promote your products with a brand-new audience.
  • A way to engage with current consumers and reinvigorate relationships with former consumers.
  • CPG branding that can extend your reach to your competitor’s fans.
  • Create a buzz and excitement that will ultimately attract sales.

The digital marketplace is packed with competitors clamoring for your customer’s attention. A sweepstakes or contest is a versatile way to liven up a stale CPG branding effort. The immediate gratification of potentially winning something is what draws consumers to the lottery each week. CPG marketing teams can capitalize on the very human urge to potentially win something for free and apply it to their brand.

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Types of Sweepstakes and Contests for CPG Branding and Marketing

The structure and goals of your sweepstakes will vary. Some of the types of CPG marketing campaigns use can use include:

  • Event themed contests that focus on specific occasions. This could include your 20-year anniversary or a national holiday like Valentine’s Day. It could also include a nod to American cultural events like Black Friday.
  • Polling has always been a great engagement tool. You can leverage this technique to both engage your audience and capture consumer data. Deploying a multi-question poll could be combined with prizes, which of course, must be sent, so you can also capture email addresses and so on.
  • Giveaways can go fast in a time when viral marketing is so prevalent. Make sure consumers have basic requirements to meet to qualify for the prize to help drive engagement and sales.
  • Trivia and quiz contests are fun and popular. These CPG marketing tools can make the customer feel smarter or more satisfied when they get the questions right. Then they get a prize. These types of promotions can be used as a tool to research how much your customers really know about the products you sell.
  • Photo competitions use the same “look at me” techniques found in social media. These marketing tools encourage customers to post their own photos to win a prize. Maybe it’s a photo or recipe contest that shows them using your products. Seeing real people using products in real-time adds a level of validity to your CPG branding efforts that an ad alone simply won’t do.

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