How Can Your CPG Brand Measure Its Instagram Marketing Results?

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jul 21, 2021 8:40:02 AM

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Measurement of CPG marketing campaigns is critical in order to know whether or not they have been successful and met the goals set for such marketing.  Instagram marketing is no different.

When you measure your results, you can figure out what is working well so that your brand can capitalize on those strategies and do more of them. It can also identify any gaps so that it can continue to make changes and improve results.

Key Metrics for Measuring Instagram Marketing Results 

Likes and Comments=Engagement

The obvious place to start with Instagram is to look at likes and comments. The rest of the metrics don't mean much if you aren't getting many likes and comments because this means many people are not seeing your posts.  Or it means that people see them but don't consider them important enough to engage with. 

A simple way to measure engagement is to add up likes and comments, then divide by the number of followers. Keep in mind that an engagement rate of 4.5% is considered average, and anywhere from one to five percent is an acceptable range.  As long as your followers continually grow, you will be engaging more people as time goes on.


Google Analytics can tell you how many people are clicking through to your website from Instagram. The average click-through rate is only .22% for the platform, however. So keep your expectations realistic on this metric and give lots of ways to engage and even purchase right through Instagram to make the most of your marketing there. 



This metric takes a little hashtag research, but you should see some mentions if you leverage the right hashtags across the platform. Creating a buzz is what it's all about on Instagram, so make sure your posts utilize effective hashtags to get people talking.


Knowing when your posts are being consumed most can help you figure out the best time to post content and how to optimize the timing of your posts going forward. You can even experiment with different times to test out whether the peak hits right after you post new content or is stable regardless of your posting habits. 


Reach on Instagram is different from impressions, which are the number of times something was viewed. Reach means the number of different people who view your post, and it is a more valuable metric than impressions. 

Your reach rate is the percentage of your followers who see your post. Don't be disappointed if most of your followers don't see a post--that's normal and follows Instagram's complicated algorithms if people are just looking at their feed. A reach rate of 15% for larger brands and 25-35% for smaller ones is considered good. 

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