How Can YouTube Drive Sales for CPG Brands?

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Mar 17, 2021 10:49:22 AM

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Video is hot for every brand, and 69% of marketers say their budget in this category is increasing. Platforms like YouTube are incredibly popular; marketers who use the channel boost their revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t. YouTube marketing engages customers in ways that nonvisual stimuli simply can’t. Here's why your CPG marketing should focus on YouTube as part of its strategy and the techniques you should use to meet your goals.

Why YouTube Marketing Matters

YouTube matters to CPG marketing because most of the information humans take in is visual. Studies show that 93% of all human communication incorporates the visual senses, and 90% of the information sent to your brain is from visual cues. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. Texting or written content simply can’t compete with visual mediums for CPG marketing. 

Perhaps that’s why Facebook has played at least one billion videos each day since 2014. The power of video imagery is also that it can convey information very quickly, which is important since 65% of those one billion videos are viewed on smartphones. Like a to-go meal from Wendy’s, we want our content to be palatable, fast, and now visual.

While YouTube isn’t the only market for your video content, there are 1.3 billion regular consumers of this channel. That makes it a good place to start your video content marketing. How can CPG marketing teams use YouTube marketing to capitalize on the popularity of video?

Techniques for CPG Marketing on YouTube

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Look at the lush imagery of a Beard Guyz video. Now imagine this content turned into text. There is no way that a 1,000-word blog or a social post would be as powerful without video. But play this video on YouTube where the average viewing session is more than 40-minutes, and you have better conversions and brand recognition. Some of the best CPG marketing techniques that we’ve seen incorporating YouTube videos include:

  • Creating a brand-specific YouTube channel. Channels build credibility but also have been shown to convert more customers over time. Vide increases viewer engagement by allowing comments, but like all social media platforms, you need to play an active role by responding to questions and comments promptly.
  • Share these videos widely across social media platforms. But before you do, make sure to create custom thumbnails for each segment that will attract more click-throughs. Using a segment of your video leaves things to chance; a custom thumbnail can increase user engagement by 154%. 
  • Make sure you add attention-grabbing headlines that engage your target audience. Carefully use SEO keywords to improve searchability. Neil Patel reminds us, “Your title, thumbnail, and short description are what drive people to click.” 

While these are just a couple of tips, fill out the form below to check out our YouTube Roadmap for CPG Growth to help your YouTube marketing efforts.

Downloud our YouTube Roadmap for CPG Growth here.

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