Key Credentials for Hiring Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Mar 29, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Chief Marketing Officer

A Chief marketing officer (CMO) is an executive-level position in mid-size and large companies tasked with heading up an enterprise's marketing, from strategy to implementation and measurement of results. Certain skills and traits are important for CMOs to excel in marketing leadership and must be considered when hiring for this crucial position. 

Can Articulate Visions

Vision is an important trait for CMOs to have because marketers need to see the bigger picture of how the brand functions within its industry to know which marketing methods and techniques will work best over time. CMOs must be in alignment with a brand's overall vision while also understanding how best to market to customers in ways consistent with that vision.

Can Create Innovative Marketing Strategies

The skill blend of creativity, innovation, and strategy will lead to marketing that stands out from the crowd and fulfills a brand's goals. The creation of an innovative marketing strategy means putting all the pieces of a brand's CPG marketing together in a unique and effective way that works well over the long term. 

Can Advocate for Customers

CMOs must understand the customer (what motivates and drives them towards a product, their pain points that drive need, what will attract them to the brand's unique value proposition, etc.) From that place of understanding, CMOS can advocate for customers so marketing efforts ring true, and products genuinely speak to set needs and desires. 

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Can Work With SEO

Search engine optimization is a key component to online marketing, so a CMO is required to have the necessary skills to maximize this process within a brand's marketing efforts. Online marketing is a main part (if not the most important part) of today's marketing strategy, and online marketing rises and falls on the strength of the brand's SEO, which drives traffic to the brand's website and can ultimately lead to sales.   

Can Dive Deep Into Data

Today's marketing is all about measurement (what the data says about marketing efforts and how to refine, tweak, and ultimately improve them over time). Understanding what marketing data means gives a CMO and his or her team the answers they need to make important adjustments. 

Can Show They Have Proven Track Records

Whether as a CMO for another company or a marketer in the trenches, it's important a CMO candidate shows a track record of success in implementing marketing campaigns successfully and leading marketing teams as they do so. 

With these credentials, your next CMO will have what it takes to help your brand grow. Need more help developing your CPG brand voice and marketing strategy?  Hangar-12 can help you become a CPG marketing expert in one click.


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