Millennial Branding: More Digital Than Ever Before

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Sep 7, 2016 4:00:00 PM


It should not come as a surprise that Millennials are significantly more occupied with digital technology and social media than their parents’ generation. Over a third of all Millennials said that they feel as if they are missing out on something if they if they are not on social media at least once per day.

Additionally, Millennials are extremely frequent users of portable technology such as smartphones, which means that they are connected to their favorite brands wherever they go. Two thirds of them report using their portable devices to access the Internet on a regular basis as compared to half of members of older generations. Almost 50 percent say that they access Google when in a retail store to check prices, look up product information, or search for coupons or promotions on their mobile devices.

Millennials also connect with brands more often through online avenues such as their social networks. Again, over 50 percent report that they use their mobile devices on social media to record that they “like” a specific brand. Many post product reviews, share links about products, and follow brands on Twitter. In each case, the percentage of Millennials who reported these activities exceeded that of boomers by double or even triple.

Finally, this trend is only increasing, as the 43 percent of Millennials that reported that they check for coupons or promotions on their smartphones while they are in a store represent a dramatic increase from the 24 percent who said this just four years ago. Millennial customers engage with brands everywhere they go. The statistics gathered above were compiled from a recent article by

So what is the best way to market to Millennials? Here are some things to consider when targeting this tech-obsessed generation:

Have a sense of community. It can be said with a great amount of accuracy that Millennials view the Internet and social networks as communities. If you want to make your brand stick out to this demographic you will need to connect with them through multiple media channels from a community perspective. Many brands struggle with this, most notably when dealing with complaints, or interacting with competitors. Brands that deal inadequately with complaints negatively impact the community as a whole.

Collaborate and accept input. Millennials love brands that they feel like they have a say in, and nothing builds loyalty like direct input into your products. Many brands have run very successful campaigns where customers can vote on or select new flavors or variations. Millennials always want to be involved, and so by including them in the product development process, you are constructing a loyal customer base.

Cultivate two-way communication. Traditional marketing relies on distributing a message and ensuring that the message is heard. This doesn’t work for Millennials, who look for engagement from their online experience. When planning your marketing strategy for this demographic, make sure that you are creating plenty of chances for two-way communication, and not just talking at your listeners.

Demonstrate enthusiasm and authenticity. Remember that you are dealing with a group of people who are well versed in the communication method being used. They can sense dishonest attempts to use content for marketing. That’s why it’s so crucial to add layers of transparency about your brand by breaking down barriers between brand and consumer. Millennials also expect you to be obsessive about what you do, and your marketing campaigns needs to convey that passion.


When marketing to Millennials, it is essential that your brand provides an engaging, interactive discussion rather than some sort of lame sales pitch. This generation is looking for genuine, meaningful connections, and has strong devotion to brands that listen, respond and contribute to the community. 

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