SEO Techniques to Include in Your CPG Brand's SEO Strategy

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Dec 8, 2021 5:12:28 PM


Improving the SEO of your content can help you capture organic traffic to boost awareness and drive results. Here are some CPG SEO techniques you can adopt today.

Choose the Right Keywords

Google Suggest is one of the best free ways to find commonly searched keywords on Google. Just start typing in a search phrase and look at what Google fills in--the order correlates to the popularity of the keyword. It's also essential to use keywords with the appropriate density. Too few or too many mentions will result in Google penalizing your Search Engine Ranking. 

Once you get a list of keywords, you can use Semrush's free Keyword Magic tool to see how they are ranked so you can choose the top-ranked ones in your subject area.

Add Meta Titles and Descriptions

These descriptors appear in the web site's coding, and Google looks for them in order to rank the page. There are optimal numbers of characters for each of them. While you won't see either one on the actual website, they do appear in the search results, so you should make the copy as compelling as possible. 

These and your official website title will influence your click-through rate (CTR), which is the number of people who see your listing in search results and click through to the page. 

Speed Up Page Loading

If your page loads slowly (more than three seconds), you will see significant visitor drop-off rates. People just don't wait around for content anymore. It's crucial to figure out why your page is slow and fix it. Common reasons are too-large images or other large files embedded in your site, problems with page caching or plug-ins (including too many plug-ins or plug-ins that have stopped working), and using too many JavaScript and CSS files. 

Typing on a laptop.

Build Backlinks and Internal Links

A primary way Google determines your web pages' popularity is by looking at how many backlinks and internal links your pages get. Backlinks are when another website links to your page, and internal links are from one page of your site to another. 

As you build content, you can get internal links by linking to one page within another page. Internal links are entirely within your site's control, but the most you can do is encourage backlinks, which need to come from other sites that decide your content is valuable enough to link to.

Partnering with other websites can encourage backlinking, and if you sponsor or support another site or company or provide goods or services, you can ask them to link to your site. It is considered inappropriate to ask a random site to link to your site outside these relationships, though. 

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