Snacks as Meal Replacers or On-the-Go Meals

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Aug 17, 2022 6:49:54 AM

Protein bars.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people eat. These changes have persisted beyond the time when most people were shut up in their homes, working or waiting for the world to open again. Because they were living differently, they ate differently, and for some people, the new habits have stuck.

During the shutdown, many people moved towards snacking throughout the day rather than eating three standard meals. For some, this was an unhealthy habit that led to weight gain and other problems. When people who snack throughout the day make good choices, however, it's no worse than any other way of eating. Now that they're busy again, it can be more convenient to grab a snack than to sit down to a meal. 

Some diet plans even advise eating smaller meals or snacks throughout the day. Some medical conditions can be improved by eating like this. There are legitimate reasons for snacking through meals, and times when doing so can be beneficial regardless of your lifestyle. 

Woman drinking a protein shake.

A New Demand

Because of these new snacking habits, demand for healthy meal replacements has increased. The CPG market has answered the call with new offerings that promise nutrition along with convenience. Most consumers looking for a healthy meal replacement want high protein and fiber as part of the snack because it keeps them full longer. 

The classic meal replacement snack is a protein bar. There are many kinds to choose from. Health-conscious consumers seem to favor plant-based and vegan options like ProBar, which is also gluten-free.  Another high protein option could be a meal shake or smoothie. 

If you're still eating meat, turkey tends to be the option that offers low-fat content along with a protein boost. Land O Frost's Gone Rogue All-Natural Turkey Bites as a clean meat option. Dairy can also be the base of a meal-replacing snack, either as yogurt, cheese, or a base in protein shakes.

Sticking to Basics

These replacement snacks help consumers avoid eating foods that don't offer as much nutritional value. They often containing high levels of fat, refined carbs, or artificial flavors. By contrast, these new packaged meal replacements can add significant amounts of nutrition to the average diet.

Replacement snacks also make it easy for people who don't cook to eat healthy.  Sticking to meal replacement snacks along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and maybe cheese can be a perfectly balanced diet that requires no time at the stove or oven. 

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