4 Examples of Successful CPG Sweepstakes Campaigns

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Mar 3, 2021 3:05:23 PM

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Everyone likes to win, and CPG sweepstakes campaigns give these brands a chance to capitalize on this trend. The most successful CPG marketing campaigns often start with an engaging contest to lure in new customers and retain current clients. We have compiled four examples of sweepstakes campaigns that use a variety of interesting techniques to great success.

1. Sour Punch did a Passion Contest where four consumers of this brand’s sour candidates won a spring break weekend trip. This innovative contest not only took a sour candy and created buzz (pun intended) around adult beverage recipes, but they combined it with live events. 

The event featured multiple live events at spring break to promote the brand. Twitter and social media sweetened this sour deal, adding flavor and consumer engagement. 

2. Practical Parenting offered parents a chance to select from six product categories and enter for a chance to win their selection. It’s a good example of how to capitalize on a parent’s natural desire to select the best brands for their offspring, engaging them in a colorful and interesting near-shopping experience as they perused products online. 

Given that CPG branding teams may sometimes struggle to match the sweepstakes prize that holds real value to their customers, this is an innovative way to empower consumers to select the prize that matters the most to them. Note the personalization in the experience as an added way to engage.

Write and Win Practical Parenting page. 
3. ToolsToday knows what its consumers like. In this case, they’re giving away a nearly $4,000 Stepcraft M.700 CNC Machine, a type of industrial-sized cutting tool. Their goal is obvious; according to the contest graphic, they want to reach 300,000 Instagram followers. 

This is an example of a high-value prize that marketing teams know will resonate with their readers. The tactic is obviously working for the brand; there are a number of other contests and sweepstakes that are sprinkled across Pinterest and other social media sites.

Treasure Cave.

4. Check out the Treasure Cave Cheese Most Valuable Crumble contest. This CPG branding contest used video ads to entice customers to go to their website and vote daily on their favorite cheese crumbles. The brand used Facebook ads, banners, and other paid media along with a robust social media campaign to build buzz.

The reward? Everything from a Fanatics gift card to a party bowl (to hold all yummy cheesy snacks) to the grand prize of a TV. The brand definitely got the prizes to match consumer interests; there were more than 800,000 entrants to the contest.

The results: The banner ads alone generated over 12-million impressions, and the click-through rates were more than double the prior benchmarks. Social media generated more than four million impressions with a 26% engagement rate.

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