The Dos and Don'ts of CPG Social Marketing

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Sep 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

While still relatively new, CPG social marketing has been around long enough that brands have learned some lessons on what to do and what not to do to achieve the results they want. In today’s consumer world, brands with a strong social media presence should consider it a valuable business and brand asset. 


Your social media presence is a business asset.

In fact, it would be difficult to put a price on the relationships you can build up between consumers and your brand with smart and strategic use of social media. Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts of CPG social marketing. 

Do: Engage with Your Social Media Users

Do not just issue proclamations from “on high.” Interact with the people who befriend or follow you on social media. It does not have to be deep or extensive, either. A simple, “So glad you like our new iced tea flavor, Jeffrey!” is often sufficient. Ideally, you should use users’ names in your comments, because it lets them know a real person has read what they posted and taken the time to reply. That is powerful in terms of building loyalty.

Don’t: Avoid Trying New Features of Social Media

If you are using Facebook the same way you were five years ago, you are probably not using it as effectively as you could be. When you are notified of a new feature, check it out and think of ways it may be pertinent to your brand. Whether it is a new form of video that is supported, a new polling feature, or a new way to target consumers with paid advertising, keep up with the newest options, even if you do not decide to use all of them.

Do: Publish Share-Worthy, Mobile-Friendly Content

Social media content that people share is usually brief, includes a powerful image or video, and makes an emotional connection with them. It is safe to assume that a large proportion, if not a majority, of your social media fans are accessing your content on mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential that you publish content that looks just as stunning on an iPhone as on a desktop or laptop computer.

Don’t: Shy Away from People with Different Opinions


Differences of opinion should not go unacknowledged.

No brand is immune to the occasional naysayer. Obviously, if a large number of people take issue with something you posted, you will need to re-evaluate what you were going for and how you went wrong. For the everyday, slightly negative comment, go ahead and engage with something like "We’re sorry to hear you didn’t like the color of your dress, Debbie. Please PM us and let us know more.”

Do: Use Your Analytics to Fine-Tune Your Strategy

Both free and paid analytics for CPG social marketing abound, and they can make a tremendous difference in your success. What you think is your best content may not actually be the content that resonates best with fans. Your analytics will tell you. You can use the information in your analytics to help you fine-tune your strategy and double down on what works well.

Don’t: Use Social Media Solely to Push Your Products

Social media is not a soapbox, and you are not a carnival barker. Resist the temptation to use social media simply as a way to promote your products. People want experiences, stories, and want to get to know your brand even behind the scenes. It is a good idea to stick with the “80-20 rule” for CPG social marketing: 80 percent of your posts should be informative and / or entertaining, and only 20 percent of your posts should promote products. 

CPG social marketing is both a science and an art form. Most platforms offer sufficient free analytics that you can get started in fine-tuning your social media approach quickly and learn what friends and fans like most. At the same time, there are intangible qualities that your brand builds by engaging with friends and followers, humanizing your brand, and making it clear you care about consumers. Marketing is not the same as it was pre-internet, and in many ways, it is so much better. Do not be afraid to invest in a solid CPG social marketing strategy, because it can pay off long term in the form of a higher brand profile and more loyal consumers.

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