Top Consumer Engagement Tactics You're Probably NOT Using

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Dec 7, 2022 8:00:00 AM

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Social media, marketing emails, cold calling... These are all great methods of engaging consumers, but there are several options out there you may not even be aware of. Here are some of the top customer engagement tactics you're probably not utilizing. 

Industry Events

A source of new customers most companies don't always consider is industry events, some of which draw thousands of vendors and company representatives. Many industries have products that anyone can use, including those who work for other companies within their respective fields. Don't overlook industry events for your CPG marketing. Attendees are often paying close attention to what's going on around them and they may even be more open to new products than they'd be normally.

Community Forums

When forums are moderated well, they become ways for consumers to interact with each other and with company personnel. Forums are great ways to ask and answer questions, to clear up misconceptions, and to resolve issues that may be brought up. Successful forums will also strengthen consumers' bond with brands, so they're more likely to purchase again.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can be offered as free opt-ins or as memberships that include costs to join. Loyalty programs are among the most effective ways to encourage repeat buying since there are rewards, even small ones, with every purchase. 

Company tourCompany Tours

Giving periodic company tours will satisfy some of your biggest followers as they'll get inside looks at what happens at your facility. Even smaller companies can do tours at a customer's specific request. Some who tour your facility will become lifelong consumers and buy your products whenever they're available because they'll feel strong connections to the company.

Snail Mail Notes

Sending personal notes through the mail is a lost art form, so it feels very special when companies send mail to their customers. Snail mail notes should not look like advertisements and should be personalized and handwritten. A great use of snail mail notes is to answer handwritten notes the company receives. 

Recognizing Birthdays

It feels special to be recognized on your birthday, even from a company looking to get your business. If you can afford to give away a small, completely free product or item, it will seem more special than a discount or even free shipping. 

Exclusive Customer Events

Customers who consider themselves top fans are more likely to appreciate exclusive, in-person customer events. When customers feel they've been treated well by a company, they buy more and talk about the company to others. This is a top way to encourage repeat sales and get new consumers at the same time.

Start a Podcast

The best podcasts promote engagement within a community by encouraging interaction among audience members. Some ask questions, others request feedback, and others bring audience members onto the recordings to showcase their experiences. 

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