Tweeting In Video With "Vine"

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Feb 13, 2013 5:34:44 PM

Tweeting with Vine

Hold onto your smartphone, a new App called "Vine" is sweeping through the twitterverse and attracting the likes of celebrities and brands.

"Vine" is a video creation application that records and shares six-second video clips. Think of it as the 140-frame version of Instagram, without the cool post-processing filters.

Vine's surge in popularity is due in part to its simplicity. Touching the screen will activate recording. Leaving the screen untouched will pause recording. As soon as six seconds are up, a looping video is created--no post editing necessary (or available). Mashable has a great "how to" if you're eager to try Vine yourself.

Brands can harness the power of Vine with the trend at it's peak. Here's our top "nine" ways to use Vine.

1. Product demonstration - Orville's Pop Up Bowl makes more sense by watching the demo video.

2. Product usage examples - The Malibu Vine above does this well!

3. New product hype - Release snippets about a new product in increments to build hype.

4. Future campaign hype - Vine from the shoot with behind-the-scenes footage.

5. Contests - Sponsor Vine-video contests with fans. Currently Mashable is challenging their readers to submit Vines for Valentines with the hashtag #ValenVine.

6. Micro-advertising - Perhaps the six-second Vine is the new 30-second TV commercial?

7. Show an Insider's POV - Show the product on the factory line like Sour Punch did, or introduce staff and tour the offices.

8. Crowd source - Similar to #5, ask fans to submit and hashtag product or brand-related Vines.

9. Remember Audio - Vine captures video AND audio. So, it's important to shoot in a quiet space or work from a script. Even a blank screen with an audible "crack" of a can opening, followed by effervescent bubbles popping away, and ending with gulping and a satisfying "ahhhhhh," could be highly effective with a Pepsi or Miller Lite logo attached at the end.

We're excited to see how Vine evolves, and where brands are able to take it. What are some of your favorite Vine's currently out there?

Rob Soltan is a Senior Writer and Lead Idea Generator, Concepts + Content at TWO/TEN. Shaky hands have prevented his mastery of stop-motion technique on Vine. He hopes purchasing an iPhone tripod will help take his Vining to the next level.


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