Using Facebook Brand Lift to Create Brand Awareness

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Sep 30, 2020 4:13:10 PM

Using Facebook Brand

It’s hard to measure brand awareness with today’s multi-channel consumers, although it’s a goal for almost every company. That’s why Facebook has created a new feature for businesses that is designed to help build and measure brand awareness. What is Facebook Brand Lift, and how does it measure brand awareness with your target audience?

CPG Branding and Facebook Brand Lift

Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms of all time, which is why an increasing number of CPG branding efforts center on the site. But measuring brand awareness is always challenging, which is why Facebook is using its polling function to help CPG branding teams measure brand lift (or awareness) with its target audiences. 

The polling feature runs on two types of people; those who viewed your original Facebook native ads and those who didn’t. The process works by:

  • Selecting the advertising campaign that you want to run the brand lift study against.
  • Splitting your audience into a test group (who will see your ad) and a control group (who won’t).
  • Showing the two groups the advertising campaign.
  • Showing the polling to the two groups.
  • Measuring the actions of the people in the two groups. This could be things like converting or participating in a survey.
  • Comparing the test group to the control group.

The polling question can be tailored for:

  • Standard brand awareness: Have you heard of (your CPG brand)?
  • Familiarity: How familiar are you with (your brand)?
  • Recommendation: Would you recommend (your brand) to a friend?
  • Action/intent: How likely are you to purchase (that brand) again?

Choosing the right question is crucial; try to aim for the specific place in the sales journey where you think your target audience resides. benefits of Facebook Brand Lift

The benefits of Facebook Brand Lift for CPG branding include:

  • This new tool can help you measure the effectiveness of your brand campaigns. It’s kind of like A/B testing for Facebook.
  • Defining the benchmarks for future brand campaigns, using what you’ve learned.
  • Obtaining information that can compare against ongoing or any previous campaigns. 

This sounds like an extremely effective tool for discovering brand awareness. However, before you run a Facebook Brand Lift study, here are a few tips:

  • You can set up a Facebook Brand Lift study directly in Ads Manager in the Test and Learn section. There are some limitations, though. The poll questions are only in English. There are also some eligibility criteria you should check out before proceeding, such as:
    • The target group should be 18+
    • The timeframe is two weeks to no more than 90 days for any ad campaign.
    • The campaign shouldn’t undergo any other measurements like Conversion lift, during this timeframe.
  • Make sure you don’t target the same audiences with any other Facebook campaigns for at least a month to ensure clean data.
  • Define your business goals before undertaking the Facebook Brand Lift study.

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