Voice Methods to Improve Your TikTok Marketing in 2023

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Mar 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM


TikTok has been under scrutiny by members of the government, but it's still a strong and growing platform, and one marketers shouldn't ignore. TikTok currently boasts 1.4 billion monthly active users and will reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2023. USA takes the lead with 150 million active TikTok users. The United States has a large pool of influencers, with 10M individuals considered as such. Here are some ways to improve your TikTok marketing in 2023. 

Use the New TikTok 2023 Calendar Review

New this year, TikTok has made an editorial calendar of sorts available that contains holidays and special times that can form the basis of your marketing campaigns. While the holidays included may not be meaningful to your brand, it's a starting point to get your creative juices flowing and help you plan ahead effectively.

Use the TikTok Campaign Planner

Also available is a campaign planner that works you through your campaign objectives, reach, and measurement. It also presents questions to ask when formulating your campaign like, "What type of stories do I want to tell?"

Use Hashtags Properly

With a growing focus on the platform's search capabilities, using the right hashtags can improve your videos' visibility and grow your reach. Here are some of the best hashtags for CPG marketing: 











Other hashtags will be more specific to your category and brand, and it's not wrong to have three to five hashtags or even more included with your post so you can cover your bases. 

Use Microinfluencers

Influencers are very effective for reaching customers on TikTok, but a growing trend is to carefully segment your influencers to your target audience. This has brought on the advent of microinfluencers, who have less popularity but are still influential within your specific audience.

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Use the Right Music

It's important to choose music your audience will like and appreciate while paying attention to songs that are in the process of going viral on the platform. These include older songs along with newer ones. Beware the trap of jumping on the bandwagon, though. If the song has been viral for weeks or months, TikTok users are probably tired of it and ready to hear something else.

Use User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is huge on TikTok, so look carefully at videos with your brand hashtags and ones that are sent to you directly with an eye to curating the especially good ones for use within your channel. Get permission even if you technically don't have to; this avoids any possible conflict that could sour viewers of your content.

Use Your Vulnerability

There's a lot of phony material on social media, so it's important to be real and honest with your viewers. Showing your vulnerability in an authentic way will gain you lots of followers because people desperately want things that are true. 

Use Duets and Stitch

Duets and Stitch are two newer features of TikTok that let you combine videos together to make stronger statements. This is a clever way to incorporate microinfluencers and UGC into your videos so the content remains a legitimate part of your branding.

Use Joy

Most TikTok viewers like to see videos that spark joy and appear fun. It's important not to take your marketing too seriously and to allow room for fun as part of your CPG brand voice. 

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