What Are Some Ways Your CPG Brand Can Measure Brand Awareness?

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Oct 7, 2020 3:37:14 PM


All marketers understand the difficulties inherent in measuring whether your efforts to build brand awareness are working. The concept of awareness itself is vague, making the successful effort it takes to build brand awareness challenging. Here are the best ways to measure your brand awareness efforts for your target audience.

CPG Branding and Brand Awareness Campaign Techniques

Targeting customers is easy. There are so many opportunities to reach customers today on social media that the creative team should have no problem connecting with their target audience. But if your goal is to measure brand awareness, you will have more of a challenge. Here are seven suggestions for how to measure your effectiveness:

1. Measure Traffic

Look at your web traffic. Consumers are more likely to research your brand by looking at your website. Correlating an increase in direct traffic to a CPG branding campaign could show that you’ve been successful in creating brand awareness.

2. Track Mentions

Track earned or free media to see when, where, and how often your brand has been mentioned in these channels. You can assign values to these mentions, which gives you concrete ROI on your campaigns.

3. Share of Voice

Measure your voice share by looking at the keywords in relation to your primary competitors. Do this by tracking the total number of mentions of your brand over your competitors. Share of voice looks at organic and paid backlinks and your follower fan base. Who’s winning?

4. Look at Backlinks

How many backlinks have you gained organically versus how many were part of a campaign? Customers clicking on any backlinks show the value of your content and how well your message is being received. 

5. Social Media Engagement

Keep your CPG branding campaigns active on social media to build brand awareness. Tracking your activity is imperative. Measuring social media activity in the form of followers is an easy way to track brand awareness. Also watch social media likes, shares, and comments. 

6. Use Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polling are the perfect way to measure brand awareness. This could include website or chatbot questions or simple inquiries on a landing page. You can even ask your existing customers how they heard about your company? Facebook’s Brand Lift testing uses social media campaigns to ask random viewers if they have heard of your brand and how.  

7. Search Engine Rankings

You can also use a keyword tool to search for the popularity of your brand in relation to your competitor. While most platforms only take you back about six months at most, watch for gradually increasing brand awareness.

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