Which Platform is the Best for Paid Social Media Ads for CPG Brands?

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Dec 2, 2020 12:51:10 PM

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CPG marketing teams recognize the value of paying to play on social media. If the first rule of advertising is to show up where the customers are, social media is the place where you can follow the money. But if your CPG brand is going to pay for ads on social media, what's the best platform to use?

Best Social Venues for CPG Branding and Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective channels for CPG marketing teams to reach customers. However, algorithms have grown more sophisticated, and some may block your organic posts from achieving the reach you need to hit the numbers. 

Paid media is now one of the best ways to reach your target audience, whether you’re attempting CPG branding or a direct sales campaign. It’s an affordable way to reach your goals. Check out these platforms for your next CPG marketing campaign:

Facebook Ads

Facebook is probably the best place to generate high value leads to your sales funnel. However, it depends on your audience. Facebook boasts a large consumer audience with high engagement, which is why 93% of marketers advertise here. Facebook has several ad choices, allowing your content to pop up in a newsfeed, sidebar, Instagram, and more.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising can help you reach a B2B or B2C professional audience. This target group is six times more likely to engage with content, making it a good choice for CPG branding campaigns. It’s the number one social platform for B2B lead generation. LinkedIn offers text ads, sponsored InMail, and dynamic ads.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a visual medium that works well for CPG marketing campaigns. It’s a smart platform that blends advertising right into user feeds for a seamless experience. Facebook owns Instagram, so you can manage these campaigns from your Facebook Ads Manager hub. Like Facebook, you can boost your posts on Instagram to further your reach. You can also use video, photos, and stories to build your brand.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is incredibly popular right now, but it may pose a challenge to CPG branding teams because of its character limitations. However, there are no similar limitations for video content, so you can leverage the 280-character field to quickly capture an audience and then measure the click and view rates of your sponsored content.

YouTube Ads

Finally, don’t leave out YouTube, whose venue is as popular as the videos themselves. YouTube remains the number one video sharing platform, and you can use this tool to stream ads before or after content. 

Social media is a fast way to impact your CPG marketing campaign, especially if you leverage influencers to further your reach. These efforts can immediately and consistently bring in new customers. Global spending keeps doubling on these platforms, so if you’re considering adding social to your campaign repertoire, now is the time.

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