Why Having a Buyer Persona Is Vital to CPG Marketing Success

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Jul 22, 2020 10:28:55 AM

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The first rule of CPG branding is to know your customers. Today's consumers have more choices and less brand loyalty. These are just a few of the reasons that your CPG brand needs to invest in creating strong buyer personas. What are some others and how can these buyer personas help your brand?

Buyer Personas Drive CPG Branding

Markets are too competitive today for you not to have an intimate knowledge of your target audience. CPG branding initiatives must be consumer-specific; you simply won’t capture as many customers if you lack insight into what motivates them. That’s where a buyer persona can help.

A buyer persona tells the story of your top target customers. It’s based on extensive research into the consumer's demographic, psychographic, and buying patterns. These days we have all the data we need to step inside the shoes of our customers. The buyer persona describes these ideal customers, and their needs, wants, and priorities.

But, just like the old Lay’s potato chip commercial said, "you can’t have just one" buyer persona. It’s unlikely that just one type of customer buys your product; you’ll have multiple buyer personas for your brand. Each customer type, or persona, will have different decision-making processes and different needs driving the evaluation of your products or services. 

It’s critical for your CPG branding efforts to capture each of these personas in order to sell more and build stronger customer loyalty. This can be challenging, but it is always worth the time and energy you put into building these personas. The benefits of buyer personas for CPG branding include:

  • Saving time and money. If you could better target your PPC campaigns, how much money would you save? Would your A/B testing be more accurate and take less time? Could you increase conversions if you knew exactly who you were selling to?
  • Increasing customer engagement. Going beyond basic demographics like age, gender, and income to figure out exactly what motivates a consumer to buy will help you creating marketing campaigns that appeal to customers throughout their buying journey. You can use what you know to increase customer loyalty and retention with CPB branding that keys into exactly what matters most to your target audience.

Building buyer personas takes the guesswork out of selling. It’s the job of marketing to prime the sales pump, making it easier for account managers to close more business. Buyer personas take the risk out of marketing, meaning you’ll waste less time and money trying to reach customers with messages that matter. Personas are there to illustrate exactly what resonates with your target audience; now you just have to create the campaign to reel them in. There are plenty of digital agencies with a great deal of experience in persona creation.

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