You Still Use A Mouse, Bro?

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Feb 27, 2013 4:56:57 PM


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So we have been sitting here clicking around with a mouse since the 80's...the computer keeps evolving but the 'controller' has been slooooow. We do have the Magic Mouse from Apple, which uses some touch technology to up the game, but that is about it. Oh, and the mouse pad is not as crucial since we have the optical laser goin' on under the thing...BUT it's about the same. Until NOW...

A company called Leap motion is CRUISING ahead of the competition and moving aggressively to market with an evolution. Ok great, what is it? Gesture technology. It is the capture of motion and the ability to translate that into commands. Xbox has been doing this for a while with the XBOX Kinect. I personally own this Kinect and it is pretty sweet. It allows me to go bowling in my living room. That is my life...bowling in my living room. Anyway, it is not very 'exact' about picking up my actual movements and that hurts the technology (I know this because I do not get strikes every I should). BUT, this company Leap has a new solution and it looks promising.


Check out their video. This Leap Motion Controller is coming out MAY 13th...for around $80. I'm in. This will change the game.

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