How Event Sponsorships Can Amplify Your Brand Message

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Aug 30, 2023 6:43:00 PM

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It’s who you know: event sponsorships can amplify your brand message, delivering that message in the right venue and to the right audience. Why are sponsorships such a powerful tool in sponsorship marketing, and how can your company choose the right ones?  

The Power of Event Sponsorships

Why are event sponsorships such a helpful tool brand messaging? Corporate sponsorship of an event allows you to build brand awareness. By sponsoring an event that attracts your target audience, you can reach out to people who are unaware of your company but might be interested in your products.  

Through an event sponsorship, you may get the opportunity to: 

  • Speak directly to your audience
  • Gather information about prospective customers 
  • Display your product 
  • Give consumers a chance to try your product 
  • Create experiences that develop positive associations with your brand 

Sponsorship marketing allows you to develop a brand experience for new audiences, reaching out to them to see how they resonate with your brand. 

Amplifying Your Brand Message

Event sponsorships are like a megaphone for your brand, shouting out its value to those at the event. The echoes of this sponsorship can reverberate for a long time, leading to social media connections, website visits, and additional sales. 

How can you use sponsorships to create a lasting impact on your CPG marketing? 

  • Post about the event on social media 
  • Post highlights of the event, further solidifying your connection as a sponsor 
  • Connect to those related to the event, such as influencers and other sponsors 
  • Use promotional materials to direct consumers back to your website 
  • Collect data on prospective customers, and connect with them after the event 

Event Sponsorships and Brand Visibility

In addition to amplifying your message, event sponsorships allow you to increase your overall brand recognition. Some of the brand visibility benefits of an event sponsorship include: 

  • Giving people a positive association with your brand by providing a product or service 
  • Collecting information on leads so that you can give them an invitation that further increases your brand visibility. For example, you could offer those who attended a conference a discount code or a bonus offer when they sign up for your newsletter. 
  • Connect with like-minded businesses that may want to collaborate in the future 
  • Attract media attention that focuses on your brand, extending your reach event further 

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Incorporating Sponsorships Into Your Marketing Strategy

For CPG brands that sponsor events, these sponsorships are just one part of a larger business marketing strategy that may include traditional print and radio advertising, social media marketing, and referral marketing. 

Sponsorships are not just sources of potential customers and revenue. They can also help your business hone its overall marketing strategy. By collecting data at events, you can understand the diversity of your audiences and begin to understand their needs. This gives you invaluable information about new areas for growth and promising areas for marketing. 

Conclusion: Event Sponsorships as a Key Component of Brand Promotion

In addition to increasing direct sales, event sponsorships allow your business to reach out to new people, giving them a positive perception of your brand. They create echoes of positivity throughout the social media space. They also help you collect data on prospective customers, allowing you to better understand their needs.

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