How To Target CPG Customers Through YouTube's Custom Intent Audiences

POSTED BY Greg Keating ON Apr 27, 2022 12:00:00 AM

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You already know that social media ads need to include CTAs to let consumers know what you want them to do after viewing them. Did you know that you can target ads to customized audiences on YouTube who show intent to buy products like yours?

Google-owned YouTube now allows you to target CPG consumers more specifically through your video content by using custom intent audiences like you can do in Google. 

While YouTube marketing might seem different from other types of social media marketing, similar techniques can be highly effective for YouTube ads when brands look to increase sales of CPG products and conduct successful campaigns.  

Custom Intent Audiences 

Custom intent audiences differ from in-market audiences as they are more specific and are often ready to buy a product rather than just researching their options like in-market audiences tend to do. 

When you are looking to pique consumers' interests or introduce a product that isn't yet available, in-market audience marketing aimed at increasing affinity is the most effective choice. When you want to turn affinity into sales, custom intent audiences are the way to go.

Instead of choosing one or two categories of consumers and targeting ads to those general groups, custom intent audiences allow you to input keywords relevant to your target audience (at least 50 are recommended) and use multiple terms in an ad group to cover different but related interests of audience members.

Another aspect of custom intent audiences has been that they can incorporate URLs, search terms the audience has used on Google, and apps that may be of interest to them. Due to the specificity of these components, it's possible to target audiences with more laser-like focus, gaining their attention and offering them exactly the product they have already shown interest in buying.

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From Affinity to Intent

While custom intent audiences for YouTube don't include URLs and search terms, it can be effective to use popular search terms as some or all of the keywords that will match the ads to the videos. 

Custom intent audiences can help you move from targeting audiences that show an affinity for your product to audiences that show intent to purchase. This could be a gamechanger for your marketing efforts. CPG brands that have used YouTube custom intent audiences have seen direct returns far greater than when they use broad or general YouTube marketing.  

Hangar12 has used these techniques in its social media marketing campaigns like the one that partnered "The Incredibles 2" with Frigo Cheese Heads. The success Hangar12 has had in engaging audiences to increase sales of various CPG products shows custom intent audiences can increase conversions. 

Marketing to custom intent audiences is a successful way to get more people to buy your CPG products. 

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